Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Florida fun

Ahhh yes, our fun in the sun continues!
Adam and I lived in Dunedin for many years and we were so excited to see the park right up the street from our old house built a splash pad!  We brought the kids and they played on the playground and splashed in the water.  We had been going to this park since we first got Emma, and then Ollie (the dogs...) and then Simone!  So it was just the right place to bring Sammy now too!

We went back and forth from water to play area!  I laugh as I type this because I've noticed that in almost all our photos we have the same things on...bathing suits!

The ice cream truck came by and Sammy really enjoyed his messy frozen treat.
All this activity naturally led to one of these....
Later that night we enjoyed a nice dinner with Cousin L!  The kids just adored her and the dinner was quite yummy.

The next day we had a real treat...
We went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where we got to see Winter, the dolphin, and many other sea creatures.  Winter has a movie coming out in the fall, so it was exciting to get to "meet" her!  This place is so cool because its a rescue, rehab and release center.  If the animals can be released back into the wild then they work toward that goal, if not they keep them and take care of them.  But what's really neat is the close proximity you are to the animals.  You could almost touch was just awesome!

Here's Hope, a baby dolphin.  We watched her for a very long time as she played and swam all over!
And this was a large adult male that swam all around his pool in circles, coming just inches from us!
And lots of stingrays!  Sammy loved splashing in the water.

After a few hours at the aquarium we headed to Clearwater Beach.....

We call this look "the Popeye".  We see it often and it cracks us up!

And after a few hours of sand and water play got some yummy seafood on the beach!  It was the perfect ending to a fun and sunny day!

 On our last morning we hit the pool one last time...trying to get a bit of pre-flight energy burnt off! And we had one more chance for some sweet photos before heading out!

And a goofy one too....

And then was time to go home.  It was such a quick trip and there really was so much more we wanted to do.  But I am so glad we had the time we was a great way to all be together and to really enjoy a sunny vacation!

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