Thursday, September 1, 2011

August happenings

The month of August is already over and boy did it fly on by!  We've been busy -  busy with school starting, busy with friends and just being together as a family.   Simone started second grade (sob....) and Sammy started preschool (sob again!), or playschool as we like to refer to it! Both are doing great, Simone loves her teacher and has tons of pals in her class. And while it hasn't been a seamless transition for Sammy he seems to do better every day and really likes to play with his little friends and all the cool toys, inside and out!  

Here's the 1st day of school, after picking each up and getting a special treat!

And flashing back to the morning, here's my Simone ready to head out the door!  She looks lovely and was just so excited!
And here's Sammy....   not too happy at all.  Now he did go to summer camp at the same school, but this was his 1st time without big sis.  He was not feeling good about this whole school thing.
But he did well, and has mostly good drop-offs, and great days once I leave.  He really enjoys it and is well loved by his teachers!

Of course  we've still been hitting the parks in the afternoons.... got to run that energy out!

And sometimes you just need to cool off

We've had some fun visitors to our yard this year.  There are 3 deer that meander up our street and usually stop in the yard before heading through the woods across the way. I got one on film before the dogs spooked them. It's always sooo cool to see!
And a huge hit this month...Farragut Fleet.  It's a "touch a truck" experience that a neighboring town puts on annually.  We met up with some of our favorite pals....  and some of the neatest trucks and equipment.  Pure heaven for my littlest dumpling!

And Simone enjoyed quite a bit as well!

We hit yet another park after.  The kids rode bikes and ran along....

Some kids bigger than others!
And stopped for refreshments and some play time.

Naturally we had one heck of a cold front come through -  being August and all.
Oh that I think of it we never got cold at all....hmmm.  Maybe I should've reminded them... this looks about right.   Back to the splash pad and park!
Sammy is wearing a very special shirt sent from a very special person.  He wears it well too!

And another total highlight of our month.........
A visit from some very dear friends.  A family we traveled to China with almost 7 years ago were staying close by and popped over for an afternoon/evening.  The girls (Simone and G) are from the same SWI (Social Welfare Institute) and had not seen each other since we landed on US soil! 

But they were best of friends within moments and had a wonderful time playing.  I think they came down when they were hungry, and not a moment sooner!  And I too am a big fan of Miss G...she has an amazing personality-the perfect combo of sweet and self confident.  She was just darling.
There was also a new addition to the family that Sammy Wei was just smitten with!  I have to admit, she stole a piece of my heart as well.  Sammy is still talking about her and it really was the first time he really made such a close connection with a friend - they were partners the whole evening!

Of course we took a walk to see the horses next door.

  The girls were more excited to create a secret hand shake...although they did give the sweet horses a bit of attention first.

And Sammy was busy practicing his new run.  Run

So as you can see, our month was pretty full of good times and pretty great friends!  Now September is officially here and summer is almost truly over (pool closes this weekend...booo).  But I am quite confidant we will find plenty of fun times still!


Heather said...

It's just amazing how much your kids have grown since I first met them. Glad to know you guys!

Julie and Dean said...

Great reunion pictures! Love the jackets in the summer pictures too. Actually all the pictures are great. They all made me smile (except seeing sammy cry, that made me go "awwwww")
You're such a good mom!!

michelle said...

I loved that band-aid on the wall because band-aids always make everything better! You do the most fun things. Even something as simple as going to a park.

It meant so much to read your comment. I'm up to my eyeballs in paperwork. It seems like there's even more forms than I remembered, but it's nice to know that I have your support and our wonderful community of friends!

I haven't tried veggie pizza, but that might be the way to go. She does love the mushrooms on pizzas.