Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cousin Bliss

Some of you may be thinking what a bad blogger I am.  And you'd be right.  Only this time I have a valid excuse.  Mmm - hmm.  I do, I do.
My computer kicked the bucket.  Yep, apparently I caught a very nasty virus and it just locked the bugger up.  A friend got me up and running though (for which I am forever grateful...thanks CH).
So now I can continue on the path of good bloggyhood.  Or at least try!

So on to Cousin Bliss....

Yes, those words can only mean one thing....we got to spend a weekend with the cousins! 
And was it truly bliss....?  Oh ya ~ it sure was!   They all had so much fun together and it really was a wonderful weekend for the kids and adults as well!  I'm fortunate to have great Brother & Sister-in-laws and we really enjoy time together!
So we met at a fun little city that was a halfway point for all - and though it was a short stay we got to do a few fun things.

So here's a peak at just what cousin bliss looks like!

Aren't they all so cute!

MmmmMmmmmm....dinner time!  The one activity that kept them all in one place for more than 2 minutes!
Sammy learned how much fun jumping on beds can be.  I'm not sure it's a skill I wanted him to acquire...but they had so much fun I couldn't bear to stop them!

Simone and her big cousin-they were the duo of the weekend, playing DSI together, trading Pokimon cards and just being goofy!
The guys.....chilling after a long day.
Sam was chilling too....
But the next morning came soon enough and naturally we headed to the pool for some fun!
Peek-a-boo.  I spy a wild thing in the brush!
They all swam and swam....and played and played!  We were water logged and tired after our swim!



We had a special visit from a cousin of Adam's and his family. They have a 2 year old for part of the trip Sammy had an extra special companion! And it was great to get to know some family we haven't spent time with!

And then the highlight of the weekend (well for Sammy anyway) was the Museum of Transportation.  We all enjoyed it, what a great place, but Sammy LOVED it!  So it had lots and lots of trains. 
Trains everywhere....

And some cars....
It even had the car from "Ghost Busters" and some other famous cars!  I didn't see much of that part...cause I was still with Sammy Wei watching the model trains!
And more trains.  Big trains, trains being preserved, parts of trains and toy trains....

And of exciting as it was...somebody pulled "a Sammy". Yep he passed out cold and missed our walk through downtown as well as lunch!
But he woke up as we pulled back into the hotel and the first words out of his mouth was..."train".  Which led to the mantra of  "more trains...Mama?"  until Sammy and Mama ended up heading back to the museum for two more hours to watch the model trains go around.  I could not believe how much he loved those trains!  They had to actually close for him to leave.  He still asks every day or so to go see those  trains!

We had plenty more fun, we had more pool time, another dinner and a trip to the ice cream parlor.  But finally it was time to depart.  After an hour of goodbyes we tried to capture an ever elusive photo of the cousins.  There was no such shot to be had... below is the closest we got. 
I think my kids are in it....
So the blissful weekend ended with the promise of another meet-up soon.  Let's hope so....I love being a part that kind of magic - that kind of Cousin Bliss!


michelle said...

You are so lucky that Sammy can just fall asleep. Lexie can be dead tired and she will keep herself and she either gets very fussy or super hyper.

I love that picture of Sammy sprawled out in the bed. It looks like you had a fun time!!

Lisa said...

This was pure fun and I loved all of the photos of your cuties with their beloved cousins!

We are big cousins bliss fans here too so I KNOW what a grand weekend was had by all!

And I think I see a Day Out with Thomas in the future for your sweet lil man!!! Or at the very least a train related Halloween costume...wait, is it too early to plan?? LOL

Hugs to you and I loved finding that note waiting for me!!!

Terry said...

I'm catching up in blog world too.....I can relate, to your unfortunate computer drama, we had similar problems earlier this year. But glad to see things are working better and you are back to blogging!

Your trips always look like so much FUN!! All those cousins must have been keeping everyone on their toes and so tired by the end of the day. Those are the best times!! I am jealous of Sammy's ability to just fall to sleep whenever it is needed. That is the best!

All of your pictures are great and huge smiles everywhere! A true sign of happiness & fun!!

Gledwood said...

Great blog :-) Your pictures are amazingly cute!