Sunday, July 3, 2011

Watching the Dragon Boats race

One of our favorite summer events...the KARM Dragon Boat races at The Cove!!  This year it turned out to be a beautiful day, starting overcast and cool and evolving into a hot sunny day with a great breeze.  Perfect for racing.  Oh okay....just watching the races!  But I truly love to watch them, I find it just so exciting!

Oh yes..the little fellow is demanding that his sister row!  Bang those drums Sammy Wei!  Row JeiJei...row!!
 But she prefers crafts!  Our FCC group has a craft booth that we all take turns volunteering at.  Simone spent almost two hours helping me with the crafts!  What a big help she was too!
Of course being at the Cove meant swimming in the lake and playing in the sand!

And for me...watching those races with my toes in the water!
This year there was inflatables as well, the kids went on this slide a dozen or so times.

 And we met another youngster from.......Taiwan!  I put our bag down next to the chair his Mama was sitting at, not knowing, and we ended up realizing both our boys are from Taiwan and they are about 6 months apart in age!  I am sooo excited to have this cool connection for Sam.   And they really became pals fast, sharing a snack and a blanket!

What a fun day at the Cove! 

And next year we're hoping to have an FCC boat in the races.
Row Mama, row!


michelle said...

That's great that Sammy met a little friend. What fun he was having banging those drums! Lexie would have loved that. Anytime she has something in her hands, she starts banging away and yelling, "DRUM!" Simone is getting to be so grown up and always a wonderful helper and big sister! Glad all of you had a great day!

Lisa said...

Wow, what a small world! Those kind of coincidences give me goosebumps and smiles!

LOVE the Dragon Boat races and always enjoy the sneak peek your day gives us as ours' is still a couple of weeks away!!!

Yay for rowing next year ~ that's fabulous!!!!!

Lisa said...

P.S. The kids are darling as always!!! :)

Julie and Dean said...

Looks great! I'm disappointed we missed it but I am SO going to row if we can next year! Watch out, here we come!
Love Sammy's new friend :)

Anonymous said...

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Teresa said...

How cool is that?? Finding another Chinese child would be more frequent, but Taiwan?? Too cool!

And a fun time was had by all!