Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching up...

Yes, catching up once again!  I typed my Birthday post for Simone and realized I had just skipped right over all of the other fun stuff we've been doing the last month or so!

So to play catch up......

We've had a few fun outings with our FCC (Families with Children from China) friends.  A large and boisterous group of us headed to Ripley's Aquarium one hot Sunday afternoon.  We had a lot of fun with all of our pals and got to visit with some very cool sea creatures!

Simone ended an amazing school year and was sooo very sad to see 1st grade pass!  She was so lucky to have a truly great (kind, caring yet still tough) teacher and really sweet and wonderful classmates!
Adam and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss!  We had a date night out but also cooked a nice meal for just the two of us.  Well...the 2 of us and one little Simone...oh well - maybe for our 20 year celebration we'll have quiet time! 
We spent a night watching the butterflies being released at the zoo.  It was a fun event with all sorts of activities for the kids!

Sammy-Wei & Simone both love the carousel...Sam says "up...down...up..."

We spent a day at Ijams Nature center with friends.  The kids built some cool fairy houses and we went for a great nature hike to find a secret pond!

We decided to join a pool this year!  And since the kids go to summer day camp at the same center it worked out to be a great decision!  The kids have made so many friends, both at the camp and the pool (we have too)  and it gives us something to do on these unbearably hot summer days!  And Sammy...well, he is a fish - Simone too!  Oh what fun the last month there has been!

We also had an FCC pool party gathering.  It was just a a blast to see all the kids swimming and splashing and just enjoying the water and each other!  (yes...that would be Sammy hanging upside down!)
The mermaid of the family....
Mmmmmmmm.   Watermelon!

We attended a zoo birthday party and what a huge treat that was.  It was such a fun and different type of party!  All the kids had a great time!

 Below is the sweet and adorable Birthday girl!
At the end of the party the zoo staff brought in some different animal items, like a turtle shell, some elephant hair and other things.  But best of all was the Chinchilla that all the kids got to pet.  What a treat that was!

So I think we have finally caught up on our past month or so of our fun and busy days...
More to come soon!


michelle said...

Wow, so much fun stuff and I'm sure you have a bunch of other things planned. That Sammy is sure a little fish. He was just swimming away on his own! Can't wait to see how the rest of your summer goes!!

Teresa said...

What fun!! My kids LOVE the pool and are both water dogs.

I was so sad too when Caroline left first grade this year. She had the best teacher in the school and absolutely loved her!!

My kids want a Chinchilla. They are so soft.

Lisa said...

GREAT recap!! Tuckered out just reading about it could be us too, though add it a few different locations and friends featured in photos! LOL

And our pool pass? A must do!! You will come to find it the best money EVAH spent! :)

Jen, the kids are gorgeous and I love seeing how they both continue to grow & blossom! Sammy is growing in leaps and bounds but still has those yummy cheeks ~ someday I'm gonna get to kiss those IRL! And our girls would have so much fun with one another! I just know it!

Okay...enough of the not too subtle hint....LOL....enjoy ALL of your summer days! I just don't want 'em to go too fast!!!!


Julie and Dean said...

smiled the whole way through your post! What great times and I'm so glad we get to share most of them with your family.