Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And then came......seven

Yep, seven.  Seven years, seven candles....

My little dumpling turns seven today!  I can't even believe that she's that old, can't understand where the years went!  Sure I missed the first 9 months of that first year but where did the rest of our time fly by to?  

My sweet QingLu has grown and changed so much over the years.   And she's always been a such joy to be around - full of life and laughter and some days mischief.  In just the last month she's completed 1st grade, had two weeks of summer camp and learned to jump off the diving board.

But in the last few years she's gone from being my one and only darling (my baby) to being the big sis, the JieJie, and has learned to share not just our attention but all of her life and possessions with this new fellow (and done a great job!).  She has gone from singing ABC's to  flourishing as a student, from reading with me to reading by herself in her free moments.  She was once so shy and reserved and now will easilly make pals with any other child.  And she'll stand her ground when needed...  
She's made me so proud in so many ways- too many to even count!

On her last day of being six:
Well.... she has an amazing personality and has a lot of great pals.  She loves to eat just about anything- the healthier the better.   She is always asking what we're doing next and wants to have friends over or to be playing somewhere.  She has decided that she wants to be an "alligator wrangler" when she grows up - well that or a "hula hoop champion".  She's figured out that if she asks her brother if he'd like a popsicle before asking Mom if they can...well that her chance of getting one has just been upped by 50% or so.  And she loves both Pokeman and LPS equally, no matter what her friends like - she's sure she'll persuade them to like it with her....  

So even though I wasn't there the day she came into this world seven years ago, I remember clearly the day I met her.  I will forever celebrate both with equal joy...for this day, her birthday, the world was blessed by her coming into it...

And this is the day I was blessed with her coming into mine.   Besides her referral  photo it's the first real photo I have of her. (Thanks Jody L)

 And my beautiful girl just days before her birthday....

Happy Happy Happy Seventh Birthday my sweet Simone. 
I love you... xxoo....  Mama


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Simone! Have a Great Day!

We Love and Miss you.

The DeFalle's (Steve, Dina & Nick)

Terry said...

Happy 7th Birthday Simone!!!
Hope you have a wonderful, fun filled day!!!!

I LOVE your picture of you seeing Simone!! Your expression was magical!! It brought back so many memories for me, (goose bumps too)and a happy tear! Thanks for sharing such a special picture!! :)

Julie and Dean said...

You are the greatest Simone and we are so happy you are our friend!
Great post :) Very touching.

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Simone! Hope your birthday is full of special moments and surprises!

What a beautiful 1st picture of you and your precious daughter! A day to be treasured!