Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday fun!

Holiday fun for sure!  We have been keeping super busy with all the fun and holiday excitement!   Naturally (this is me we're talking about) I have tons of photos to post showing all of the fun we had. 

Below is a photo I found on the camera when we got home last week. 
Now it surely is not a picture of my feet and I am positive that I didn't take the picture.  So when I asked one little Sammy-Wei who may have taken it he promptly informed it was Ollie, our dog.  Mmmmhmmm - not sure I believe that entirely-so either Sammy told a wee fib or we have one talented pooch! 

Moving on.
The day before we left for our trip to Vermont we had a visit from our favorite Santa and his darling elf!  You may remember him from last year and we are so happy James um Santa stops by our house!  Sammy was in heaven since he is a tad infatuated with the big guy!

And then we flew up to the great Northeast Kingdom for a week!   It took Sammy all of 2 minutes to get warmed up at my parents house....
And my brother was there with his family!  Fun times....
It took Simone and her cousin less than 2 minutes to start the cousin fun---they sure had a grand time together!
And my newest little niece!  She was so darling and it was such fun to hold a big 6 month old baby!  I know Sammy was 8 months when we met but he was almost the same size as my niece so it was cool to have that baby feeling again!
And the night we got there was Christmas Eve so we awoke to find that Santa had indeed visited!   He left one of his usual silly notes, this one questioning whether Poppa should be on the naughty or nice list this year!  Oh Poppa, always getting in trouble!
Sammy totally got the whole Christmas present thing this year.  We had to watch that he didn't open ALL of the presents!  It was such fun to watch! adorable dumplings!  Simone must have been on the very nice list this year, she got tons of great gifts.

The deer visited of course!  All the kids loved to check out the window and then run into the living room to inform us of how many deer they saw!
It was brrrrrrrr cold out but we bundled up the kids and Dads and sent them out for an afternoon of sledding! (I needed to stay indoors to get the hot cocoa ready of course!)  They had a great time playing and sledding and all came back chilly & ready for my yummy cocoa!

Sammy got the coolest gift from HoHo.  It's an airplane that he can put together & take apart with a little drill.  He played with it for hours, still is playing with it!

The three cousins!
And Christmas in VT would not be the same without the making of reindeer food!  The girls look forward to this with Poppa every year, and Sammy enjoyed it too!

Family photo! 
One of our days there we took the kids to a yummy pizzeria and then for ice skating! 

Both my kids had a blast and were frozen solid but loving every icy moment!  They both had grins on that reached ear to ear!  Simone started with the crates, then with my hand and was shakily skating around the rink by the time we left!  I see some skating here in our future!  Sammy said "I skate by self" and had a great time trying to make it around the rink.  He let us help eventually and was thrilled by the speed we could take him!

Oh, and then my camera battery ran out.  Why, why why didn't I charge it before we left, you ask?
 That is a whole other story folks.  Let's just say my careful organizing was somewhat ummm, sabotaged by one little fellow that kept moving my stuff around.
We found the charger upon our return home under the dresser.  Didn't do us much good now did it!

Yet, even without a camera our vacation continued and we spent a day in a nearby town, shopping & eating with our final day/evening spent near Boston with some family.  Simone had the best time with some older cousins and other family.  We also enjoyed eating the most delicious clam boil ever!  We had a great time and were spoiled with food and affection!

But vacation came to an end and we've spent the remaining time home from school hanging out and having fun.  School starts back tomorrow for both kiddos and we'll get back in our routines and schedules. 

Another New Year is here, amazing how fast the last one flew by!

Happy Holidays and Happy New  Year to all!!!


Robin said...

Happy New Year! It looks like you all had a great holiday. Sammy is getting so big. I love his hair...its a really pretty color. Simone is looking as beautiful as ever.

michelle said...

Looks like a fun time in Vermont. That is one of my dream places to visit, especially seeing the deer in the snow! Can't wait to see what fun you'll have in 2012!