Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Fun!

We are so fortunate to have Ijams Nature Center close enough to home that we can drive over there for a few hours or a whole day whenever the mood strikes.  We just love to spend time there exploring the acres of trails through woods, along the river and along the quarry.  The center itself is a great indoor break from all the walking and the kids love to visit with the turtles, fish and snakes.  They've recently added an outdoor "playscape" area too which adds to the kids fun!

So when we couldn't decide what to do on an unusually warm day last weekend we packed a lunch and headed over for the day!

The kids really enjoyed it - and Adam and I did too.  We got lots of fresh air and had a great time as a family! And I think we stayed for almost five hours, exploring the trails....

We spent plenty of time indoors as well, getting to know the turtles and fish a bit better!

But soon were back outside for a nice family hike!

Which naturally just wore us out.  Sammy fell asleep on the trails and slept for a good 45 minutes and Simone took a small catnap in the sun!
But we had lots more fun once they woke up!  We hit the playscape area for some more playtime full of climbing and running.

We had such a great day together having some good old family fun!

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Julie and Dean said...

Just LOVE your family! Your post truly reflects the happy memories you collected today.
Was cursing my desk out this afternoon as I was sitting behind it knowing we could have been hiking up at Ijams!