Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Haircut!

Every day we wake up with this crazy look.....
So Adam and I decided it was time for Sammy to get his first real haircut.  He was not too sure about this and seemed a bit nervous when we informed him that we were going to the hair dresser.  Simone being the good big sis agreed to get hers cut first so he could see how easy it was!  Family trip to Gre*t Clips!

Look at that face!  He is really not sure at this point and I wondered if he'd have a fit....
She was super excited!
A lollipop given by the hairdresser made Sammy much more comfortable.  Bribery with candy....

Well, Simone looks fabulous!

Guess we forgot to get an "after" of Sammy!
He looks darling though and the hair dresser listened when I asked he keep it shaggy and natural.

So we still have wild hair but it looks a bit less like a lions mane!



Robin said...

His hair cut is really cute. They both look great.

Julie and Dean said...

aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a big boy now! so darn cute!!
Sammy you are lookin' good :)

Lisa said...

Oh what a big boy AND big milestone!!!

Yay for brave Sammy and sweet Simone! It DOES help when Big Sis goes first! Oh yes it sure does!!! :)

And he looks darling BEFORE and AFTER!!!!

Hugs and thanks for the beautiful card!! I have it on display and enjoy seeing your smiling faces every day!!!