Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wow. Two years ago....

It feels like yesterday.

It feels like a lifetime ago.

And it feels like such an essential part of who I am that time doesn't even factor in.

But this I know for sure, it did happen - two years ago and half way around the world, in a small city in Taiwan.  That life changing moment of meeting my WeiChe, my son
Suddenly, the days and months leading up to the momentous event became a blur, now that I was face to face with this sweet baby, my sweet baby.  All the pain and anguish of waiting, wanting, needing to hold him dissipated in a moment filled with so many emotions.  Relief, fear, joy and awe intermingled in my heart, now that I was finally able to see and touch this baby I’d been dreaming of for so very long.  Once again I felt those emotions of becoming Mama, those emotions so intense and real that I hardly think I could describe them.  

We were now ~ finally ~ a family of four.  My baby was with us, which is where my heart always knew he belonged.

I don’t know how, but two years have passed since that wonderful day in Taiwan.  And in those two years I have learned so much - about love, about growing a family and about the nature of little boys.  And most especially about one little boy that has become so much a part of my heart that I can’t imagine how life was before him.

It’s incredible how much Sammy-Wei has grown in the last two years.  He’s becoming an amazing little boy with such a fun and outgoing personality.  He’s so full of life and boundless energy and he certainly keeps me busy, but his enthusiasm for everything is so catchy and so joyful that I delight in his non-stop nature.  He’s sweet and snuggly if you can catch him and is the cuddliest boy when he’s in the mood for lovins.  There is not a person that meets Sammy that doesn’t fall in love --- he’s just like that.  Even in his most devious moods he’ll win you over with his darling dimples, that sweet smile and those beautifully rich chocolate eyes.  
I think of his Birth Mother today more than other days.  I think of how difficult and maybe heart breaking it must have been to make a plan for her son, knowing he would become the son of others.  I swore to her then as I do now, he will be loved always.  We will affectionately keep her in our story of how we became a family. 
And I will go now, to celebrate with my sweet boy.  I’ll celebrate all the joy he’s brought in these last two years, all of the challenges and accomplishments.  All of the things that have made these last two years so very amazing.

Happy Family Day my big boy, WeiChe.  I love you from the bottom of my heart, for always.


michelle said...

Happy Sammy Day!! Have a wonderful day with your sweet boy. I got teary just reading about it because we will be celebrating Lexie's day exactly one week from now.

I wish Lexie and Sammy could meet because they share so many of the same traits.

Love to all of you! And I'm looking forward to hearing about Sammy's next adventure. I don't know what would top the pumpkin rolling, but I'm sure Sammy will think of something!!

MondoMOM said...

Just found your blog. Interesting post.

Lisa said...

Oh my friend...I remember this time so well too...and the months of exchanged emails and virtual hugs/support that led up to your travels to meet destiny, wrapped in one beautiful baby boy!

What a privelege it has been getting to share in him...share in your lives, as you became 4, happily ever after!

AND I'm so beyond excited that we will finally be able to meet...after what feels like...well, summer! Our boys...our girls....and finally us too!

Can ya tell I'm giddy?!? :)

Happy Sammy day to you all!

Much love!