Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

Well, okay, maybe more like the Great Pumpkin Patch!
I cannot believe that Autumn is here already and that our annual visit to the Pumpkin Patch has arrived!  Yes, the leaves are changing color a bit, and yes the air is getting a slight bit cooler.  But Pumpkin Patch time......? 

But alas, it's true.  We made our super fun and flippin hot somewhat sunny venture to the pumpkin patch with who else but our FCC (Families with Children from China) group.  We had a spectacular turn out and the kids and parents had a wonderful and dusty afternoon together.

 The pumpkin patch we go to has expanded over the years and really had so much more to offer this year than last even!  And I laugh, because our little group seems to have expanded for this annual gathering as well!

And what a wonderful group it is, the kids just love to get together, with the older kids keeping a watchful eye on the youngsters and the middle kids finding new pals each gathering.  Simone & Sammy have found such great friends and role models.  I just can't say enough about how special this great group really is for our kids!

Okay, okay...on to the photos!

I caught my two in a few pictures...such cuties!

And then the pals came and they were all just off to play! 

Love this one of the "older girls".  They are such great pals!

We all took our hay ride over to "pick" our own pumpkins.  Sammy was in his own little tractor heaven for this.  All I've heard all week since is "Sammy ride red tractor"!  We all had fun on the ride and out in the dusty field picking out our prize gourds.

Oh.  So, I snapped the photo below for a reason.  You can't see too well but the hair on these folks was just a rainbow, and they had piercings on every imaginable visible part and tattoos galore.  Which is all just fine.  I have no problem with any of that.  But I was cracking up because as we all got off the hay ride this family just stopped and open mouth stared at us.  And in "normal" life I'd possibly be staring at them - funny how that works huh! 
And we got a family photo...yay!
And a group photo!!!
And another fun hayride back to the corn maze!

And on the corn maze side there was more than enough fun stuff to do!  Too bad my battery ran out of juice right around that point.  So I borrowed the following photos from my sweet Mama pal Julie.

Sammy & Adam went on a tractor ride.  Probably *almost* the highlight of Sammy's whole day.  (There was a petting  with bunnies and pony's and goats that played...sooooo I say toss up).

And this is just too adorable of the kids.  Julie truly captured such a cute moment...The boys all in their own little mischievousness, Simone fawning over baby O with Sweet Sis O looking on protectively-and with her arm in the stroller around her brother.  

So Happy Autumn Days to you.  Enjoy these days of Indian Summer while it lasts for surely the cold winter winds will be here soon!


Julie and Dean said...

:) So great! I love the group photo of the 4 of you.
And sammy sitting on the die for!
I actually posted my pictures today too. It took me forever to go through all of them.
I cracked up at Sammy and Adam riding the go cart thingy. They look like they are having such a fun time.
And yeah, it was flippin' HOT!

michelle said...

So cute!! I love seeing how everyone celebrates autumn because in Hawaii, we don't really see a change in leaves or the weather ever!!

I love the tractor racing. Sammy looked like he was having the ride of his life!!

Terry said...

So much fun at your house!! I'm telling hubby we need to move south! :) Love all your pictures!! My favorite is the family photo :)