Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkins can really roll

Yep.  True fact...pumpkins can really roll when given the chance.
I mean 100's of yards if the circumstances are just right.  And they can roll fast.  So very fast.

I know this first hand.  Not by choice but by a force of nature greater than I've ever encountered.

We call this force  Sammy Wei.

You see, Sammy doesn't listen to "no sweetie, don't do that" until he's found out just why you don't want him to do whatever "that" is.  So naturally when I asked (repeatedly) to NOT roll the pumpkin down the front yard he just had to find out truly why I was against it.

Well you can pretty much figure out the rest.  And if you've ever been to our house you really can envision just how a pumpkin can begin a long, fast roll.  See, we live at the top of a street that is just straight uphill and our house sits on top of another hill, so it's like the house on a hill on a hill sort of thing.  And at the bottom of that street is a very busy road.

By the time Simone alerted me (by screeching hysterically) the gourd was half way down the yard.  And by the time I got halfway down the yard it was on the street and beginning its very fast descent to the very end of the road.  With me running as fast as my legs could pump and still not catching up as it picked up more speed and bounced off the curb a few times.  Meanwhile Simone is in tears and yelling frantically for me to move faster, for it is her favorite pumpkin ever after all.  And there's Sammy, the one who put this whole thing in to say, just standing in the front yard wondering what all the commotion is about.  It is just a pumpkin after all.

By now I was quite sure we'd never see that pumpkin again.  I tell you that thing picked up speed, rolling faster and faster as it made its all the way down the hill and crossed over that already mentioned very busy road, somehow managing to miss all of the passing cars.  Finally it rolled up the hill across the street and came to rest in the woods about 10 feet or so in.         Amazingly still in one piece.

We've since retrieved the unbreakable pumpkin and Simone has it displayed well out of Sammy's reach.  She's really hoping that he learned his lesson.

But I'm guessing probably not.  It was really too much fun for him watching that pumpkin roll.....


Elizabeth Blankenship said...

Laughing out loud at this visual!!

Terry said...

Big laughs with this Sammy adventure! I'm sorry to hear that Simone was upset, but happy you retrieved her pumpkin! I love that he is such a boy!!!
Thanks for sharing! :) A very cute story!

michelle said...

Too funny!!

Lisa said...


Ah yes, trial by fire or in this case, by free fall/tumble!

Shade of Ty last year "sampling" his pumpkin and discovering they don't taste like pumpkin pie afterall! :)

Cute story!!!

Hope all is well & wonderful!