Saturday, September 20, 2008

What is in a name?

You may have noticed baby #2 has no name yet. We knew the first baby would be Simone before we even sent our paperwork to China, as she is named after Adam's grandfather, Simon. And we knew she'd be a girl, so that made it easy too. And once we met her, there was no doubt - she is sooo "Simone". So now we have "baby #2" coming soon and that's how we've been referring to it, just baby #2. Simone has come up with her own list of names, like Jake and Taylor, oh and my personal favorites, Bogater and Moe - not sure we're really attached to any of those. But real the problem is we can't decide if we should pick names now - say if it's a girl, Sally, if it's a boy, Tom, or wait till we see the referral picture and decide it really is a Harold or a Trudie. (I promise, those won't be the choices...) I figured with #2 it would be as clear as with Simone, but it's proving to be much more difficult. So, what is in a name...should it be a family name passed down, or one that carries the culture of the child, or one that you pick because you just really like it. Do we wait to see what the baby looks like (like with Oliver, he just looked like an Ollie dog...) or pick one and hope it fits. Once we choose and start using it it'll have to stay, right? You can't get the baby home and think, oh no, that name is all wrong, please start calling it.....Well, I think we'll keep it "baby #2" until we we can sort it all out. We'll keep you posted! J

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