Thursday, September 18, 2008

Background for adoption #2

Old picture I found while trying to complete our "Photo Pages" to be sent to Taiwan for review by ...The Judge! Here's a little background as to how we have come to our second adoption, this time from Taiwan... About a year ago we decided we loved being parents and were enjoying Simone so much that we wanted to add to the wonderful experience with a new baby. We contacted Holston Untited Methodist Agency (a local agency that does Foster, Foster-Adopt and Homestudy services-they are great, for the record!) We thought we would adopt from Korea or China, as those were our first choices last time. Well, Korea did not work out for us. We contacted New Beginnings (our agency for Simone's adoption) reg. China and they said the wait time could be, hold on to your hats, up to 4 years...4 years, Simone will be 8 and we'd have a bitty baby, yikes! So we checked out other options, Uzbekistan came up, but after much thought and some prayers we decided it just wasn't right for us. Vietnam was our next thought, but sadly that too isn't a possibility. We were given information about Taiwan, at that time expecting a program for an older child. After lots of research we came across Journey's of the Heart. I spoke to them a few times and we just knew this was the path we are supposed to follow. We are so positive in our hearts that our baby, and Simone's sibling, is there. So here we are, most of our paperwork is in and we could have a referral within the next 4-6 months (sooner would be real sweet though!) Thanks for joining us and keep checking in, I am learning how to add all sorts of stuff!

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