Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emma & Oliver


So I added pictures of Emma & Oliver (the other "babies" in the house). How could I have neglected adding them in the first place?! Well, it happened like this...Emma was our first baby and she enjoyed her superior position for three long years. But I thought she was lonely so we got Oliver, this adorable furry ball. She wasn't very thrilled at all, but they got used to each other over the years. Then, the real bomb dropped...Simone came home. They went from being our favorites, our loved and spoiled pooches, to being in the way. From being called sweet babies to being called move it & stop barking- very Lady & the Tramp like. It's been almost four years and finally its working out- as you can see their favorite spots to be are with Simone. Oliver is the first one in her bed each night to cuddle with her till she falls asleep (which she loves - and they are still spoiled, trust me!). So what will they think of baby # 2? We'll just have to wait & see! J

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Lisa said...

I am so tickled to find your blog tonight; so glad I checked the JOH sites! Loved reading about your beautiful family and I want to wish you all the best for this second blessing!
We too are on adoption number 2 and received our second miracle, a darling baby boy referral, on Aug. 20th. Our first IA adoption was with another country just as your's was AND I blogged a post about naming our son on the very same night as you did...what a HUGE coincidence!! :) LOL
Yikes, sorry for the novel here; guess I had a lot to share!

Let me know if you ever have any questions & please stop by my blog as time allows! :)