Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh so busy!

I know, I know.  Your tired of my "oh I'm just so busy" excuse for not posting on the blog.  I'm quite over it as well.  Really, I am.  But it is true, we are just always on the go.

We've been goofing around....
 And starting the school a THIRD grader!!!!
 Missing JieJie as she heads out for school.  They went to camp together all summer and this big girl school thing was not pleasing to him at all.
 We finished our season at the pool with sadness and can't wait for next summer and all our pool fun & friends again!
 Sammy got dressed up to "do his work" as an "on-site guy".  Complete with Simone's running shoes, chainsaw, golf club and of course hard hat...
 And I don't want to sound paranoid...but I think somebody has been playing with my camera again.  Just a suspicion of course....

 "Hello, hello...any other banana phone dudes out there"?
 And like I said...we've been running.  Literally running.  Simone joined her schools cross country team and is loving it!  I am so pleased, as we've tried a few organized activities and she hasn't quite found her niche.  But she is really good at cross country and enjoys it!  Yipee..

So see...we have been busy.  And when we're home it seems we're still busy - playing, cleaning, hanging out.  The kids are starting to play together more, which is great, but usually it involves some game or project I have to help with or engage in.  No complaints, just a new/different phase of our lives.

So my apologies, yet again, to the bloggy world.  Someday I may get back into you regularly-although I fear by then the kids will be grown and I won't have all the joys and craziness of parenthood to write about!


Robin said...

I'm just happy to see pictures of your cuties now and again:) They are growing up so fast. Can't believe these babies have been home for coming on 3 years now.

michelle said...

Totally understand how life goes by so fast. But you are creating such wonderful memories with your sweet babies! Can't believe how grown up Simone looks!! And Sammy just totally cracks me up! Hope we're finally able to meet next summer in CA. We have our air and rooms booked and counting down the months!