Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nature Day

The pool is closed for the season.  The weather is beyond amazing.  We haven't had a "family" day in a long time.  So we just knew it was time to head to Ijams Nature Center for a day in nature!
  We ran into some school pals (Sammy's friends - not Simone's for a change!!) so the kids ran and played in the natural playscape area for a while, getting all the energy out!  Then we headed to the pond to see what we could find!  We spotted a lot of bees in the flowers.
 And a bunch of tadpoles, some water lizards and even some full grown froggies!  Can you spot it on the lily pad?  It was so cool for the kids trying to spot all the reptiles in the water. 

 Then our pals left so we enjoyed our picnic lunch and then trotted on our nature trail walk,  We have this favorite little spot to put our feet in the creek.  It sure was cold today! 
 But the kids didn't seem to mind one bit!
 Sammy got tired and ended up in the carrier.  He gets a great view of all the high up things...spider webs, squirrels, birds...
 We finished our walk so we decided to hang out for a while, just being cute!

Love our family days in nature!


Heather said...

Good times! Hope to catch you soon for some outdoor fun!

michelle said...

Love all of the happy smiles! Lexie would definitely want Sammy for a friend! I can see her walking in the ponds with him.