Friday, July 13, 2012

Final days of our adventures

 So after "The canoe incident" we planned on a more relaxing end to our New England vacation.

We finished it up by visiting New Hampshire, where Adam's parents have a house.  It was a few days of fun times swimming at the lake and enjoying some family activities!

These two did not waste a moment before getting in the water.
My little dumpling Sammy's foot print.  Gosh it looks sooo big...I think he's growing way too fast!

Trying to catch those ever elusive and way too fast minnows. This exercise would be repeated throughout our time there....
Simone impressed me very much this trip.  In order to swim out to the raft you have to pass "the life guard test".  It consist of swimming back and forth from rope to rope 4 times and the treading water for 90 seconds.  Well, my dear fish passed and was allowed to swim to the raft with an adult!  Needless to say, the two of us went out there a lot every day!
We had a blast catching tadpoles too!  They were much easier to catch than those minnows.  Oh, sure I had nothing to do with actually catching these things, I mean....eeewwww!  But I've heard that they were easy to catch!
Adam's uncle visited as well.  He brought all the fixings for a clam boil, so my dear daughter was in heaven!  Thanks Uncle Chris, for spending such fun time with us and making Simone's trip complete with those steamers!
We took a few boat rides with Grampie.  This was Sammy Wei's little heaven....a motor boat ride (and this time not to be rescued...)!
And another fan favorite....jumping off the dock into the water.  We saw this at least 10 dozen times!

The life guard stand was a great place to climb after hours.  And I am so excited, as a Mama, to finally be able to have a few pictures with both my sweeties in it!

Of course we visited the local playground for an hour of running, sliding and playing!
But it was right back to the lake for some more swimming and boating!

We rode out to Blueberry Island on one of our trips which was a fun little treat.  Simone picked soooo many blueberries.  Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm -nothing like fresh berries off the plant!

Adam and I even had a date night while we were there!
We also got to run in a 5k!  The whole family did it, Sammy in the jogging stroller and Simone walking with her Nonna. 
Here's Grampie and I in motion.............
Simone and Nonna finishing up!
The kids letting loose and goofing around!

It was a really fun vacation and we were all sad to have it end.  Can't wait to do it all again next year!


Anonymous said...

Well goodness Girl, I had some serious catch up to do! :)

So many adventures and the photos are fabulous! Love seeing those thriving 2 with their radiant smiles! Beautiful family!

AND the canoe incident????? That is seriously scary but it sounds like you guys handled it just right, kept calm heads and accepted the help when needed!!!

And all that family time? Pure bliss I know!!

What a road trip to remember!!

And you have another trip coming practically on the heals of this one! :) Can you see my huge grin?????? Yep, its firmly in place!


Lisa Lauren and Tyler's Mama :)

michelle said...

What an adventure! So happy to hear that all of you are safe from that canoe incident. I've been in a kayak once when the waves were pretty rough. Not my idea of a good time, so glad you were able to get to some calmer waters.

Yay for Simone! She must be a great swimmer and it looks like Sammy is not too far behind her. That little guy has no fear of water! I love how he just jumps in!

We're also very sad that we'll be missing you at ROCks this year! There's always next year!! I would love to see our two water bugs playing in the water together!