Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fab 4 continues.....

The vacation adventures continued for us!

The kiddos loved the lake so much that by the 3rd day they were literally tearing off down the back yard and making it to the beach with lightening speed, moving so fast that I couldn't keep up! 

 (and an aside here...the kids have, ohhhhh um, maybe 6 bathing suits each, but insisted in wearing the same one each day....go figure!)

We had such a great time renting that canoe for an hour the other day that we figured we'd pack a lunch and try a 1/2 day of it, paddling down the lake to explore the other end..  Sounded like a great idea for us.  Right?

Simone and I, all ready to paddle off on the lake.
 Stopping in a little cove to eat our yummy lunch.  So relaxing and such fun!
 Well you ever hear of the saying "the best laid plans"?  Yep, we fully understand that phrase now.  We set back out towards the end of the lake after our stop for lunch.  It seemed the current was a bit stronger, the winds a bit heavier than when we stopped.  Yet we paddled on, because we planned to paddle to the end of the lake and by golly, the end of the lake we were determined to see.

Yep,  no matter how rough the waves were starting to get, the white caps that appeared seemingly out of nowhere, we pushed on.  In hindsight we can say we should have turned around then and cut our losses but we didn't realize how rough it could get so fast on a lake.  As we pushed on we couldn't get the canoe to go in a straight line as the wind or waters, whatever it was, kept pushing us in circles.  At first we tried to let the flow take us where it wanted but soon realized that at that other end of the lake there was nothing but woods.  So no way to get help, just in case we needed it.  We decided to try to paddle across the lake as it seemed our only option at the time. As we crossed the seemingly endless lake the waves were crashing into us - often soaking the inside of the canoe, making me certain we were going to tip at any moment.  Adam and I exchanged weary glances and both calculated our own plan to swim to safety id need be, and then continued to paddle like crazy.

The good news, we did not tip - but we were so darn close with each huge wave that it was terrifying!   The better news is that a State Trooper just happened to be patrolling that end of the lake.  He pulled up aside our bobbing vessel so we could climb aboard to safety and tow the canoe back to the other, calmer, side of the lake!  Yes, it was all a bit embarrassing, having to be rescued on a 3 mile lake but such a huge relief to have the kids safe.  And now we can only refer to it as "the canoe incident" and hang our heads.  Hey, at least the kids got to go on a motor boat ride....right?

Thanks Officer, not sure what we would've done if you hadn't come along!
After "the incident" we thought it best to stay closer to the inlet where the water was calm.  (Besides, the Trooper told us he would not rescue us again, so we weren't going to press our luck!)
And the kids could swim and play in relative calm waters!
Then our days in Vermont had to come to an end  :(

But our adventures continued still!  We headed to Boston for a family gathering for the 4th of July.  It was great to see so many of my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Cousins children!  The kids enjoyed it as well.  This celebration is held every year at the house my Dad and his 8 brothers and sisters grew up, a house I spent so much of my childhood in!

Here's a group photo with my parents
On the seawall....

The Boston skyline from Squantum, a view I grew up loving!  And still do!

Catching and blowing bubbles in the yard

It was a fun day in the suburbs of Boston and a wonderful way to end our Vermont part of vacation!'s on to New Hampshire for more adventurous fun!

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