Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer in Vermont

Vermont is one of those places, well the only place really, that I yearn to return to in the summertime.  I love the smell of the fields and farms, the sights of all of the beautiful flowers~both wild and planned, the feel of the air~ crisp in the evenings and almost heavy and hazy though the day.   I dream of the winding country roads with breathtaking views, the crystal clear lakes and the green lush cornfields.  Even ice cream tastes better when your eating it on the side of the road at a little shack smelling of grilled cheeses and fries!  I count down the minutes until we fly into Burlington and I'm always so amazed at just how quickly the time spent there goes by.  The kids and I stayed for almost 2 weeks and Adam came for a few days in the middle and drove up for our last few days which was really nice!

Last year we missed our VT trip because we were hoping to travel elsewhere (Ummmmm...maybe a place called Taiwan) so going home this year was even more of a treat!  Of course we go every winter...but it's just not the same as summertime!  So below are some of the photos I took on our trip in VT.

One of those ice cream days!  Sammy and Simone were just in heaven with the grandparents!   I love the smiles on the kids....
Sure there's a lake at the bottom of the property..but some days the kiddie pool is just easier!  Both kids spent many hours in it and around it!
And since you don't hunt shells on a lake Simone decided to go pretty rock collecting!  Of course she put Grammie to work as well...

And Sammy just loved my parents and was such a happy guy on the trip!  All of these new smiles and this happy disposition we've been seeing emerge was just magnified up there!  It's been so amazing to see...and   it hasn't left.  He has become this joyful little fellow whose obviously at ease within his family!  And he LOVED his Poppa!
Oh ....pretty girl in motion!
Another on of ice cream time!  Sammy did not share his cone with me.  At all.  Ate the whole thing himself and made one big mess doing it!  But hey, that's just part of summer!
Me and my Dad!  Love ya....
Oh yes...wouldn't share a bite with me but made sure Grammie had plenty to eat! Both kids loved to picnic at the lake and it became quite a nice habit!  Sure the birds and bugs got fed well too....
We call this one "oops".  Sammy just wanted a cupcake and Mama took too long to get him one so he had to take matters into his own hands.  I kept hearing a muffled (by cupcake) voice saying  "uh oh, uh oh".  Hmmmm, uh oh indeed!
Gosh he is growing too fast!  He almost looks like a little boy here, not like a baby!
Oh but what a cutie pie he is....
And this is called "cousin bliss".   I mentioned before that my bro came for a few days during our visit and my niece and both Simone & Sammy had a blast with her!  What great memories.....
Aren't they so cute...Sammy Wei had to be in the middle of it all and the girls were very gracious (most of the time) with including him.
And Sammy got a loaner vehicle from one of my friends for the week.  He wore the batteries out but had so much fun riding around!
And the three amigos!
Two lovely girls!  I love this photo of the girls and plan on framing it for Simone's room! 

We went to a street fair in Newport together and while a small scale event the kids all had a great time and we sampled some great Vermont fare! We even got a glimpse of a "green blender"....a blender was hooked to a stationary bike and to make your smoothie you peddled, fast. I was too late with the camera but it was funny to see!

And of course the spoiled pooches came along when Adam drove up.  Think they are used to traveling? Hit the highway and out they go!   As you can see Emma (the white one) is feeling all better!  What a relief for us and I think the trip did her some good too!

So there you have some of my photos from VT.  Of course I took a ton but tried to post just a few.
And after we left my parents house we went to visit with Adam's family in New Hampshire for a week!
We had a great time there and as soon as time allows!


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