Sunday, August 8, 2010

And on to New Hampshire we go......

After our two glorious weeks in beautiful Vermont we headed over to New Hampshire to visit with Adam's Mom & Dad.      And what did we do in New Hampshire?  Well....hit the lake, then the lake and then some more of the lake!  And not much else being that the weather was so great and the kids just loved the swimming and the sand.  Oh and of course "the cousins" that were there for the week as well! 
Adam's brother and his crew helped to keep things moving and all four kids were just in heaven!  But I must add....we were missing his other brother & family dearly even while being thankful to be with at least most of the family.

Sammy was loving all of the activity and both his cousins doted on him and were really just wonderful to him.  And being that the twins are closer to Simone in age the three had non stop fun!

Here's Sammy being...well...Sammy!
Swim mermaids...swim!  Simone and cuz~ the two fish splashed and swam for hours!
And Sammy Wei did not stay out of the water either!  He literally walked in as far as to his neck...and then walked around in the water laughing.  He loved it!
And sand play was a must!  Let's see...they made a castle, an animal farm and opened a lovely cafe with all sorts of yummy eats that included dumplings, coral cakes, french fries and pizza!
Below is a fine example of my delicious lunch one afternoon!
All four together! 
One of the sand castles...complete with pine cones, rocks and sprigs of trees.
And at an Alpaca farm we met a bunny (oh ya folks...that's a bunny) named Saraphina.  Isn't she precious!  Sammy wanted very badly to bring her home with us.  She was actually very friendly and let Sammy pet her for quite a while.
We met some chickens that were really cool too!  Sammy was not sure about these critters, he preferred the bunny.
We had lots of fun treats & surprises on our trip and one of our favorites was a visit from Adam's uncle.  He hadn't seen Simone since she was little and had not yet met Sammy.  But honestly you'd have thought they'd been playing on the beach for years together!  The kids just adored him and he was such a good sport playing with them!  Thanks Uncle Fred for such a pleasant visit!
Okay... do you see whats going on here below...?  Sammy is pulling his sisters hair and giggling about it-wildly giggling!  She is usually pretty patient with this is one of his favorite pastimes...
To be fair~ the bucket on his head was placed there, repeatedly, by said sister.
He does look sort of cute...I have to admit!
I think this was a sort of smile on this pic... he loved climbing the lifeguard chair over and over!  Let me tell you...he sure slept good that night! 
And look at those feet!  He has the biggest, cutest bam-bam feets I've ever seen!
And well, sometimes one just needs to nap! Sammy took most of his naps right on the beach and slept like a log! Guess the sand/water play did him good!
And the kids enjoyed the boat!  Sammy just liked to play on it whenever it was pulled up on shore! 

So that about sums up our New Hampshire leg of our vacation!  
We had such a great time with all of Adam's family and really enjoyed our time on the lake!  This was such a great vacation I've truly dreamed of for a few years....long lazy days in New England with family, sleepy nights being so tired from the daysin a  flurry of action and play,  lots of family, a dash of friends and tons of giggles and laughs!  Bonding time for all of us was an added bonus that has left us all feeling closer and more secure in our roles.

Oh and I haven't even started on my story of the "road trip" home...
Actually it wasn't so bad.  And as much as I could've stayed up north for much longer it was sooo great to get home.  I missed my home, my yard, my friends and the routine of our days.

But still.... I'll be counting the days till next summer...


QingLu Mama said...

Duh...I just realized I disabled comments when I put up new design! Let's see if this works!

Teresa said...

Oh, for the days I spent summers on the east coast with family! Days on the farm in St. J with my cousin, drives into NH to see a quarry, saying hello to Old Man on the Mountain (sadly no more), and eating ice cream while catching fireflies in a jar.

Nothing like it.

Lisa said...

Oh jen!

I have been meaning to dash off a note to tell you that I have not been able to comment! Ugh! But then I thought maybe that was your new format....comment free, footless and fancy free! LOL

:) AND I have missed being able to share my about your amazing summer adventures!!

The kids are simply raidant and just as gorgeous as ever! Yes, your little man looked a bit more grown up in that one photo, but I still see plenty O' glorious baby boy there too!!

And your swimming beauty who always has such a happy & lovely smile....oh, I can just tell how much you have been relishing these days!!

Yay for comments...feels good to be back and I love the new look of your blog!!


suzanne said...

This is great Jennifer!

Teerymae Tales said...

Great page Jen. I should mention that I too have a kid in a pail hat picture but since mine is now in his late 20s, it's a bit past it's prime. Loved all the photos.