Tuesday, November 4, 2014

September, 2014

September 2014.  We sure crammed a good amount of activities into this month!  We had sports and play time and family time! 

We get some good rainbows around here!
She is getting so big!
Simone decided to try out volleyball this year.  She was on a team with a few other girls
 she knew, including her best friend! It was a great experience and she really did well.  She enjoyed 
it so much she's going to play over the winter as well!

I love this picture, shows their relationship for sure!
I hosted a ladies Challah bake.  It was a GREAT time with great 
friends.  And we each had a loaf of Challah bread to eat!

Sammy was a flag pulling machine in football!  He was so cute out there, very determined...

We celebrated the moon festival with our FCC families!  As always, it was a 
wonderful event and we all had a lot of fun!

Sammy and daddy!
Sammy's best pals.  I put them to work raking leaves - it was such fun!

Yep, September was another fun filled month!

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