Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Holidays..........?

I know, the holidays were like...a month ago!

But we've seriously been recuperating from them for  the last few weeks!  It was a loooong drive to Vermont for the four of us.   We were never so happy to be out of a car as when we arrived at my parents house!  What should be a 16 hour drive took over 20, with weather issues and all else that comes with traveling with two kiddos!  But we made it safe and sound and had a really great week in the Northeast Kingdom!

Naturally my little elf child was under the tree in no time!  He truly loves anything and everything Christmas/winter!
  And both my dumplings were beyond thrilled to spend a few days with their cousins! 
  We went ice skating again this year and the kids had a really great time!

 Christmas morning arrived quickly and the excitement was in the air for sure!  I think all the kids were very pleased with all that Santa brought....and they must have all made the "nice" list again this year.  Phew!

 Santa was up to his silliness again as well.  The girls made him pictures and he wrote little notes on each, as well as leaving a few crumbs of goodness behind!
 My numero uno elf....Sammy Wei!
 And Simone got what she wanted most of all, Caroline from AG!  Mama would never ever spend that kind of dough on a doll, thankfully Santa was much kinder!

 And we had plenty of snow for outdoor fun! Sammy really loved the snow, we couldn't get him to come inside!

 Simone liked getting to know the youngest cousin and it was really neat to see how she interacted with her.
 Love the get up - Chinese dress with cowgirl boots for Christmas dinner!  That's my QingLu!
 Snuggles with Papa were the BEST!

 And his turkey dinner was a close second!
 Love love love this boy!  He makes me smile and my heart feel happy....
 Oh, here was Sammy's biggest treat of the week....snow plowing the drive with Papa!

  And we got a pretty good family photo this year, we are all in it too!

The holidays are always so much fun in Vermont!  But it was good to be home too...

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