Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello....anyone out there still?

Wow...what a very remiss blogger I have been this past month.     Or two....

What could my excuse possibly be you ask?  Well I really don't have one except the busy bees were buzzing all over our household.  I had two or three posts "in the cue" but as time passed they seemed outdated and too much else had happened!  I honestly haven't had a free moment between holiday preparation, parties and social get-togethers to check other blogs, never mind post on my own! 

So here I sit with a month and a half of bloggy news and I just don't know where to begin!  So I'll begin where I left off and just fill you all in on all that we've been up to!

November brought my birthday and I turned another year older.  Finally....29, oh what a good age to be.  And yes....I am sticking with that lie age.  We had a nice family/friend celebration with one of my favorite meals, pizza and salad, after an afternoon at one of my favorite spots, the nature park.  Perfection!

Then we went to the D.C. area to visit family for Thanksgiving.  We had a fabulous time with Adam's brothers & families, his parents and some other family members! The adults had a grand time catching up and hanging out. And the kids all had soooo much fun together.  It was awesome to finally see Sammy Wei being welcomed as one of the bunch.   We had not only 1st cousins but 2nd as well which was great!  The older kiddos were just wonderful with the younger and the households, back yards and hotels were filled with laughter and joy! 
Here's the gang!  Aren't they all just precious!
While we were there we got to meet a long awaited arrival!  Acquaintances that have become fellow adoptive friends introduced us to their sweet daughter home from Korea in October!  Sammy loved the "baba" or baby and kept tickling her chin...
And December was a busy month with Hanukkah and Christmas and all the festivities that come with each holiday!  We visited Santa and his reindeer.  Simone giggled and laughed but Sammy wasn't sure about him!
Sammy has been busy "reading" his train book and he got all sort of train tracks and tables for the holidays!   He just looks so darn cute here!
 In mid-December Miss Simone was pinned as an official Daisy Scout!  Such a big girl thing to do and it certainly brought back memories of my years as a Girl Scout.   She has learned so much during the last 3 months in Girl Scouts and I look forward to the next year!

Santa also came to our house with special gifts for the kiddos! (Thank you, James & Melissa!)  What a special treat!!!

On sunny days we've been outside as much as possible.  Sammy has found his sandbox to be quite a favorite new hangout spot!
And after a VERY busy month we headed to Vermont for our annual Christmas visit with my family.  

While we were up there I got together with an old high school buddy!  Haven't seem him in quite a few years and it was awesome to chat and catch up with him! 
It was GREAT to see you Mike -let's not go 16 years without getting together again! 
And we end with the fashion statement that captures the essence of 2010...Sammy in my hat singing a little tune.  Love him!

As soon as I have a few more free moments I'll catch up on the Christmas festivities and the snow play!  Oh...and the trip home.  Yep, we traveled through "the blizzard", but made it home.  Lot's of stories still to share!

So if your out there still, I thank you!

And Happy Holidays to all!


Heather said...

Great pictures. Glad you had a good trip. Look forward to seeing you soon. Happy New Year!

Robin said...

I'm still here :) I hear you on the too busy to blog. It is busy with the little ones and then add in the holidays and it is CRAZY (in a good way). Glad you are all doing well. Sammy is getting so big Simone is as beautiful as ever.

Julie and Dean said...

I'm still here. Every picture I kept saying, "that's my favorite picture." Why don't we try a January get together. You guys are always welcome at our house but whatever works best for you we will accommodate. Dean needs to hold that little Sammy and FuDa is DYING to see Simone!!!!

Lisa said...

Still here too, though a bit belatedly! :)

What a whirlwind indeed, but it sounds as if it was all the good kinds of busy and lots of joy to boot!

Darling DARLING pics of those cuties and I loved the family Santa photo!!

Yay for Miss Simone on her accomplishment and oh gosh, Sam Man is getting big these days, but I still see tons of baby left too!!

Wonderful to see this update and I do believe I owe ya an email one of these days!

Hugs and sending wishes for a Happy New Year!!!