Friday, December 5, 2014


Turkey time!  We spent Thanksgiving in Florida with Adam's family this year.  It was like going home, we even stayed in a hotel about a mile from our old house in Dunedin!  It was cool to take the kiddos to our old stomping grounds!

We visit this park every time we hit Florida, it's right on the water and close to downtown.  I brought Simone here often when she was a baby!

And then the cousins showed up and it was 3 days of fun and laughs!!  This is a new park built close to our old house with a huge play area and a dock across the way. Dunedin sure has done a great job with their parks and recs!

And then it was time for Thanksgiving feast!  So many family members were there, it was a wonderful time!

 The whole clan!  We sure did have a great day with them!  

The next day we opted for beach fun.  Sure, it was a mild 55° (read COLD!) but that didn't stop us from enjoying Clearwater Beach!  We had a great time with family, touring the shops, playing in the sand and we even had a great lunch!

 Sammy + Uncle Fred = love
 Some of the family stayed in a condo near the beach so the kids got to fish with the big cousins!  What a treat!

 Sammy caught 3 fish!  He was thrilled...
My sweetums!  Sometimes they really get along!
A final picture of the Super Six.... these kids just adore each other and every time they get to see each other is just adding wonderful fun memories for them all!  The way they ALL play interchangeably is just awesome, we are so happy to have such amazing family members!

Thanksgiving was a very fun time, can't wait to see where our next turkey day is!


Linda said...

Awwww....beautiful photos. Happy New Year. :)

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